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Unified IT Management System for the Cloud

In today's busy world, you need technology that delivers solutions when you need them. CorePLUS offers a simple, secure way to manage IT and deliver any application at any time to any device. We make it easier for companies of any size to move to the cloud for all their computing and IT software needs.

Cloud-Enabled IT Solutions

As cloud computing proves to be successful, many businesses are becoming more serious about using the cloud to drive IT transformation. Cloud-enabled IT software solutions and next generation platforms continue to drive innovation, competitive advantage, and growth.

IT transformation is certainly not a new concept, having been around for more than a decade. However, CorePLUS offers a new approach to IT, allowing small and medium-sized businesses to create cloud-based solutions that are capable of holding applications and programs needed to perform daily operations at any company. Simplify IT processes, improve decision-making, and manage workflow.  With this innovative IT software, you'll have more time to focus on all of the other responsibilities that need your attention. CorePLUS puts you in total control over your entire IT environment with simple, easy-to-use administrative controls.

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Why Should My Business Move to the Cloud?

There are many reasons to move to the cloud for all of your IT software needs. In most businesses, IT transformation is already underway! Self-serve cloud solutions like Google Drive™, Dropbox™, and other services have enabled business users to drive IT transformations on their own. 

CorePLUS helps businesses set up a secure cloud-based IT solution. Although these cloud-based servers don't exist in a physical sense, they can still be modified and customized to fit the needs of your business. Instantly scalable to your needs, our platform provides truly metered delivery of computing resources and IT software from multiple sources. Take advantage of the following benefits:

 Secure Access
 Access Anywhere
 Access Anytime
 Data Protection
 Backup Recovery
 Disaster Recovery

 Remote IT Support

Whatever operating system that your business runs, whether Windows, Linux, or Mac, you are no longer limited to a short list of the industry's most popular applications. You can get everything you need right from CorePLUS! To learn more or for a free cloud evaluation of your business, contact us today!

CorePLUS is a one-of-a-kind cloud technology that makes it easier to manage IT solutions at any business.
Contact us to learn how cloud-based IT can deliver on-demand IT solutions to any device.