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About Us: CorePLUS

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As an on-demand service provider that delivers complete outsourced solutions for IT and application services, CorePLUS provides IT solutions to companies of all sizes. With a secure and instantly scalable infrastructure, CorePLUS manages your entire core IT services and helps to create a powerful and productive environment.

About Us

Launched in 2006 by founders Marc Landry and Jason Lamb, CorePLUS serves as a single point of contact for any company's IT services. Businesses enjoy highly advanced, safe, and secure IT infrastructure at a predictable monthly price per user.

CorePLUS was founded with the goal of developing a service that would reduce the everyday hassle of IT and application management. CorePLUS' product lineup can dramatically decrease the costs of IT for all sizes and types of companies. With these services, businesses are more easily able to realize the cloud's true potential.

Core PLUS’ Executive Team

Marc Landry, CEO
After 20 years of management experience and founding three technology companies, Marc is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in the technology industry. With persistence for excellence, Marc has extensive experience in market trend analysis and expertise in design and software engineering to provide effective business solutions.

Jason Lamb, CTO
With 17 years of software engineering implementing best-of-breed software and security solutions, Jason formed Lighthouse Global Solutions, a customer relationship management, network management and security solutions consulting firm. Jason has a Computer Science Degree from University of North Texas and is dedicated to providing clients with the solutions they need to run their business.

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