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Access Your Virtual Desktop with CoreDesk from CorePLUS

With CoreDesk, any application can be delivered anywhere, faster than ever before. With a virtual desktop, it's simple to access your desktop from any Internet-enabled device. CoreDesk, our virtual desktop solution simplifies desktop management and provides users with what they need, when they need it. By choosing CoreDesk from CorePLUS, the information that you need is always available.

Find a complete solution for any virtual desktop with CorePLUS' CoreDesk. Provide your users with access to server-hosted desktop systems on nearly any device, almost anywhere in the world.

Whether you have Mac computers or Windows on your phone, CoreDesk is powerful enough to combine desktop applications, line-of-business applications, and web applications in a single, simple-to-use, centralized virtual desktop. It doesn't matter what hardware or operating system that you leverage. CoreDesk can even handle device changes in real-time. It's as simple as picking up where you left off!

A Fast and Secure Virtual Desktop

Simple and secure, CoreDesk's virtual desktop is delivered via a private, secure network. Because it takes advantage of CorePLUS' unique communications technology, data and images are delivered faster than any virtual desktop you've ever seen.

Secure Computing - Virtual Desktop

Remote access allows you to utilize the programs and information on your work computer from a home laptop or even a mobile phone. In fact, CoreDesk responds like the application was running natively on your device. With virtual desktop solutions from CorePLUS, it's easier to increase workforce productivity and drive innovation throughout your business. Companies reduce computing costs with cloud-style delivery, management, and security. With the high-level remote access security that CoreDesk offers, your business need not worry about data falling into the wrong hands.

With CoreDesk, we'll help make your virtual desktop experience easier. Since all of your software licenses are included in your monthly fee, there are no additional charges to expect when you sign up with us. And, since CoreDesk accesses your applications from a virtual private data center, you can forget about signing up for a replacement schedule. With CoreDesk, you can replace or add devices on your schedule and your terms. To learn more about CoreDesk or to schedule a free cloud evaluation of your business, contact CorePLUS today!

Whatever operating system that your business runs, whether Windows, Linux, or Mac, you are no longer limited to a short list of the industry's most popular applications. You can get everything you need right from CorePLUS! To learn more or for a free cloud evaluation of your business, contact us today!

Contact CorePLUS for one-of-a-kind cloud backup and storage solutions. CoreDesk can deliver on-demand IT solutions to any device!