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Access Your Virtual Desktop with CoreEngine from CorePLUS

CoreEngine is at the heart of the CorePLUS platform! With CoreEngine from CorePLUS, you'll easily be able to improve the way IT is delivered to your business. When you choose other cloud integration providers, you'll quickly find that all they can offer you is slow response, lagging screen displays, and dropped sessions. With CoreEngine, the limitations on what you can get from the cloud are history!

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What is Virtual Integration?

Virtual integration is the key to realizing the full potential of your cloud investment. Without the ability to integrate your company's data, inefficiencies can all but wipe out the benefits of the cloud. With virtual integration, systems, databases, and applications work together, seamlessly integrating to create an easier environment from both the perspective of the user as well as the admin.

Deploying and maintaining systems, managing application licenses, and application and system monitoring are easier than ever before. With CoreEngine from CorePLUS, you'll save time, resources, and money.

Cloud Integration Made Easy

With CoreEngine you can integrate virtually any application into your computing environment and provide all the applications that your users require. We make it easier for organizations to replicate, synchronize, and cleanse cloud-based data seamlessly and with cloud integration solutions.

On our servers or yours, you can provide all the applications you require to your users through one interface. This powerful technology provides an extensive list of virtual integration services:

 Customer Provisioning
 Web Based Management
 System Maintenance
 System Provisioning
 License Key Management
 Device Management
 System Health Monitoring
 Session Recording
 Metering and Reporting
 Disaster Recovery
 Graphics Acceleration
 Billing Management
 Delegated Administration
 Application Provisioning
 Lockdown Policies
 Security Gateway and Policies
 File Systems Management

 Load Balancing
 Centralized Application Management
 Print Management
 Enterprise Scalability
 Self-Service and Single Sign On

Contact CorePLUS Today!

By choosing CorePLUS, you'll save your IT department time, money, and resources. From provisioning new customers, application and system monitoring, assigning applications to users or groups, and metering and reporting for billing-it's all here and easier than ever! To learn more about virtual integration from CoreEngine or to schedule a free cloud evaluation of your IT needs, contact CorePLUS today!

Contact CorePLUS for cloud integration made easy. With CoreEngine from CorePLUS, your business will save time, resources, and money.