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Simple, Instant Scalability with CoreGrid from CorePLUS

Offload IT management and focus on your business with CoreGrid from CorePLUS. CoreGrid is our instantly scalable infrastructure that quickly and easily simplifies the deployment and scaling of resources across both virtual and physical servers.

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What is Cloud Computing?

The term "cloud computing" is all the rage in today's IT industry. You've may have wondered exactly what cloud computing is, and whether or not you need it for your business. In simple terms, cloud computing is the ability to store and access data and programs over the Internet instead of the computer's hard drive. With access to an online connection, cloud computing can be done anywhere at any time.

CoreGrid from CorePLUS provides simple, instant scalability for the applications and services that are important to your business. This instantly scalable infrastructure will simplify the deployment and scaling of your resources across a group of virtual and physical servers.

How does it work? Our exclusive CoreGrid technology converts physical servers into dynamic "grids" without any modifications to code. IT staff can visually operate, deploy, and scale services, data, and applications.

Unlike other cloud processing systems in today's market, CoreGrid is software agnostic. Plus, users with unique applications not customized for virtualization or cloud deployment can enjoy the benefits of cloud computing. Even these applications can now be made available in the cloud!


Eliminate Over-Provisioning and Under-Utilization with CoreGrid

To help keep costs down, CoreGrid can immediately deploy and scale your important applications while consuming a minimum amount of network resources. Where other cloud processing platforms may only be able to handle a certain number of concurrent applications on a single virtual server, CoreGrid can improve IT solutions by serving 25 to 50% more users from one single CPU core.

In today's industry, cloud services are now mission critical for all businesses. Even a small amount of downtime can affect your bottom line. Unfortunately, because of the complexity and cost, few companies have effective cloud processing plans in place. However, with CoreGrid, every company can enjoy the benefits of affordable and effective business continuity. To learn more about the benefits of CoreGrid, or any other CoreServices product we offer, contact CorePLUS today! We can even provide you with a free ROI analysis of your business.

Find instantly scalable infrastructure from CorePLUS' CoreGrid. Contact CorePLUS to discover a variety of on-demand IT solutions for your business!