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Find Cloud Software and Apps in CoreStore from CorePLUS

Experience the freedom of CorePLUS' online software store by discovering CoreStore. Need an app or software today?  It's there. With the ability to select from hundreds of software titles and web applications, it's easier than ever to run your business.

CoreStore: Your Dynamic Software Store

In the dynamic environment of CoreStore, you only pay for the applications you need. When your needs change, drop the apps and no longer pay for them. When it's upgrade time, you'll jump on the newest version as soon as it's released. You can even switch back to an older version if your needs change.

Compliance issues become a problem of the past with CoreStore! We commission and control all applications for your business. With our cloud-based app store, you'll eliminate the headaches that come from traditional software solutions. You won't need to figure out how you're going to run all the things you need in your server room or how to track your licenses, upgrades, and versions. CoreStore from CorePLUS is the perfect solution for complex application and software management needs.

Laptop - App Store

Thanks to advances in data storage and security, businesses can now access and download thousands of apps without slowing down a machine's processing power and tying up valuable RAM. With this cloud-based software store, a corporation or business can ensure that their users have all of the data and applications that they need to succeed. 

Why Choose CoreStore?

With CoreStore, any application that you need can be found quickly and easily. Plus, since all of your software licenses are included in your monthly fee, there are no additional charges to expect when you sign up with us. With CoreStore, you can replace or add apps on your schedule and your terms.

CoreStore is your app store in the cloud!  Put free application management at your fingertips. You can log into CoreStore from any device and automatically connect to thousands of apps and software solutions. To learn more about CoreStore, contact CorePLUS today!

Find cloud software and apps from CorePLUS' CoreStore. Contact CoreStore to find thousands of on-demand software and applications for your business.